Set Exclusive Tabita GLOW Skincare Malaysia

Set Exclusive  Tabita GLOW Skin Care mangandungi :
Tabita Facial Soap
Tabita Smooth Lotion (Toner)
Day Cream (40g)
Night Cream (40g).

Set Exclusive Tabita Glow Skincare

Info & Order please contact to :
Vira, +60135-895-075, Pin BBM : 2616BFA8

9 Responses to Set Exclusive

  1. Anez says:

    Kak.. Harge tabitha ekslusif brp ye tmasuk pos?

  2. kala says:

    muka saya ada jerawat tiba-tiba timbul ini ada solution?

  3. Chennelle says:

    How much is the exclusive set and Matt finish

  4. monica says:

    i want to you to give me detail price for whosale . im sale it in cambodia …plz reply me back by my email . or my phone number +66867762124

  5. JULIE says:

    harga untuk paket EXCLUSIVE BERAPA ???

  6. nj sakura says:

    Saya nk thu set xlusive bape harga… Dan mcm mne nk order

  7. Sharmini says:

    Hello, How much is the exclusive set for facecare and I also need the eye cream as my undereye is very bad shape

  8. sandar says:

    1.How to price exclusive 1 Set ?
    2.How to order from Myanmar Country?
    3.How to pay cash?

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