Matt Finishing Tabita GLOW Skincare Malaysia

Bedak cair / Foundation
Matt Finishing Tabita merupakan bedak dengan tekstur seperti foundation namun setelah dipakai akan menyerap di wajah tanpa kesan berminyak. Setelah memakai bedak ini, tidak perlu memakai bedak tabur lagi di atasnya. Bedak ini sangat senang dan hasilnya amat memuaskan.
Matt Finishing Tabita
Matt Finishing Tabitha is a powder with a texture like a foundation that will absorb in the face without being greasy. After using this powder, no need to wear powder on it. This powder is easy to use and the results are very satisfactory.

Matt Finishing Tabita Glow Skincare


Info & Order please contact to :
Vira, +60135-895-075, Pin BBM : 2616BFA8

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    M from USA n I would like to order this product but i don’t know the website from USA. Can u pls contact me by my email

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