Body Lotion Tabita Skincare

Tabita Skincare Body Lotion

Tabitha lotion works to moisturize your body skin. Lotion is suitable to use every day to the skin to become moist and smooth. Use of this Tabitha lotion 2x a day to keep skin moist all day.

Face Powder Tabita Skincare

Tabita Skincare Face Powder

Tabita Face Powder is available in a natural color so it can match the color of the wearer. The powder is light and will not clog pores and is suitable for day wear.

Body Scrub Tabita Skincare

Tabita Skin Care Body Scrub

Tabita Body Scrub can take off the dead skin on your body to form new skin cells. Remember to always use the Tabita Body Scrub to allow the renewal of your skin cells up to maximum.

Matt Finishing Tabita Skincare

Tabita Skincare Matt Finishing

Matt Finishing Tabita Matt Finishing Tabitha is a powder with a texture like a foundation that will absorb in the face without being greasy. After using this powder, no need to wear powder on it. This powder is easy to use